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Want to Get Paid? Get It In Writing - Construction Attorneys

As construction attorneys, we frequently encounter clients who perform residential construction work based upon a handshake...By failing to document the modification of contract terms in writing, a contractor exposes himself to liability. Read More
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When a Joint Account Owner Dies, Who Gets the Money in the Joint Account?

The joint titling of accounts can be a complicating factor in the distribution of a deceased person’s assets. As probate lawyers can attest, a dispute can arise as to whether or not a person added to the account is entitled to funds in the account. Read More
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Deciding Whether to Support or Oppose a Stay of Litigation Pending Arbitration

What Happens to a Lawsuit When Some But Not All of the Parties Have Agreed to Arbitrate? The inclusion of an arbitration clause in a contract is commonplace. In New Jersey, courts have a long-standing policy favoring arbitration as an efficient means… Read More
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The New Jersey Construction Lien Law's Contract Requirement

The existence of a proper signed, written contract is a requirement for the filing of a construction lien . As construction lawyers, we encounter clients who have only a signed purchase order or even no written contract at all. Read More
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Can I Sue My Employer for Firing Me Due to Age Discrimination?

While there are any number of valid reasons for an employer to terminate or discharge an employee, in New Jersey, doing so on the basis of an employee’s age is not one of them. The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination, N.J.S.A. 10:5-1 et seq. proh… Read More
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How Much Time Do I Have to File My Construction Lien?

There is a 90 day deadline to file a lien notice on a commercial project in New Jersey. With respect to a commercial project, a contractor or supplier has 90 days from the last furnishing of work, materials or equipment to file a construction lien. Read More
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The First Step You Must Take to Protect Construction Lien Rights

The first step toward protecting your right to file a New Jersey construction lien is having a signed contract, purchase order or delivery ticket. As construction lawyers, we regularly file liens for contractors and suppliers. Read More
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