New Jersey Civil Litigation

New Jersey Civil Litigati…

The Law Office of Bart J. Klein represents individuals and corporations, both plaintiffs and defendants, in a broad range of disputes, in federal and New Jersey state court, arbitration and mediation. Our attorneys frequently counsel clients as to the pros and cons of filing suit. In some circumstances, the bringing of a dispute to a court or other dispute resolution venue, like arbitration or mediation, is unavoidable and necessary for the protection of our clients’ legal rights. If you or your business is named as a defendant in a lawsuit filed by another person, for example, you may have no choice but to defend yourself. Depending on the facts of your situation, however, resolving a dispute and avoiding litigation may be preferable due to the substantial costs associated with litigation. Whatever your circumstances, we can help you evaluate the best way to deal with your conflict in an efficient matter.

Our Litigation Practice

If litigation is necessary, we aggressively represent the interests and protect the rights of our clients. Whether representing businesses or individuals, we believe it is always paramount to maintain clear communication with our clients at every step of the litigation process. Such communication is critical both to ensure our clients understand what is going on and what is at stake, and because our clients’ cooperation is necessary for us to provide the best possible legal representation.

Our firm litigates matters in a variety of areas of the law, such as:

If you are being sued or are considering filing a lawsuit, the New Jersey litigation attorneys at the Law Office of Bart J. Klein can help you assess your options and identify the best course of action to protect your interests. Not all matters fit neatly into a common case type. If you are dealing with a dispute of some kind, through consultation, we can determine if we can be of assistance or refer you to someone who can. We also assist with legal representation or referrals in other states and offer nationwide litigation management for select cases.

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