Nationwide Litigation Management

Nationwide Litigation Man…

Although our practice is primarily focused in New Jersey and New York, many of our corporate clients have business operations throughout the United States. Having developed close relationships with these national clients, we have often been entrusted with the management of our clients’ relationships with lawyers in other states where the client has business. When our clients have disputes or merely require localized expertise in other states, we stand ready to direct them to qualified attorneys in those states. In many cases, we are able to refer clients to lawyers with whom we have worked before. In other cases we have forged new relationships with attorneys after performing due diligence on behalf of our clients. We stand ready to serve as the liaison between our clients and other lawyers, and to oversee the handling of client matters whose day to day execution is best delegated to another attorney.

You may direct your out-of-state legal concerns to us by calling (973) 763-6060, emailing, or completing our online contact form.