New Jersey Labor and Employment Law

New Jersey Labor and Empl…

When it comes to an individual’s job or a business’s relationship with its employees, financial interests are obviously implicated. The financial future of an individual or business is at stake whether an individual or business is looking to ensure a professional relationship begins on sound footing or is facing the prospect of a deteriorating relationship or situation that cannot be resolved. Under the stress of these situations, the assistance of a trustworthy and objective labor and employment attorney can be invaluable to maximize your rights or minimize harm or losses.

Comprehensive Legal Services for Employment Contracts and Disputes

The Law Office of Bart J. Klein negotiates contracts and litigates claims relating to the relationships between employers and employees. Employment based disputes and claims can arise based upon contracts and collective bargain agreements as well as state or federal laws. We help clients negotiate employment related contracts with an eye toward avoiding future litigation. When necessary, however, we are also prepared to aggressively litigate employment related disputes that cannot be resolved. We can assist clients in contractual employment matters, including:

  • Negotiation of employment agreements
  • Negotiation of severance packages
  • Disputes over non-compete agreements or restrictive covenants
  • Disputes over agreements not to solicit
  • Disputes over confidentiality agreements
  • Collective bargaining
  • Prosecution or appeal of employee discipline
  • Defending or asserting grievances
  • Counseling on personnel policies and employee manuals

Employment issues, litigation and disputes may also arise from state or federal laws. We can assist clients with such issues, including:

  • Representation of professionals in relation to disciplinary and licensing issues
  • Representation of employees in proceedings in the New Jersey Office of Administrative Law
  • Discrimination based upon age, race, gender, disability, religion, sexual orientation or national origin
  • Whistleblower or retaliation claims based upon New Jersey’s CEPA statute
  • Sexual harassment
  • Compliance with the Affordable Care Act
  • Unemployment appeals
  • Wage and hour disputes
  • Public employee job application appeals (including list removals for psychological or drug testing failures)

Our Approach to Employment Law

Whatever the circumstances, we consult closely with our clients to understand their problems, needs and interests. Once we have a complete picture of our client's situation, we agree upon the best course of action and proceed accordingly.

If you have questions about an employment or labor issue, we welcome you to consult with our New Jersey attorneys. Call the Law Office of Bart J. Klein at (973) 763-6060, email, or complete our online contact form.