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Comply With the Consumer Fraud Act if You Want to Get Paid

Even if a contractor is confident in the quality of his or her work and does not fear suit from customers, a contractor that wants to ensure he gets paid for his work should make sure he complies with New Jersey’s Consumer Fraud Act. Read More
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Can I Walk Off a Construction Project If I Don't Get Paid?

The Act’s inclusion of a fee shifting provision gives prime contractors an incentive to invest in suit against an owner who has refused to comply with the Act despite performance by the prime contractor. Read More
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Using Ratification to Establish Corporate Liability

Establishing Liability for An Unauthorized Order In a prior post, we looked at the issue of authority and how it can be used as a basis for a customer to challenge their obligation to pay in a business dispute involving collection of payment for good… Read More
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LLC and Partnership Interests: Aid to Asset Protection, Obstacle to Judgment Creditors

New Jersey LLC’s and Partnerships Can Protect Assets and Impede Judgment Collection Viewed from the perspective of asset protection or judgment collection, New Jersey’s Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act (“RULLCA”) is an import… Read More
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Want to Get Paid? Get It In Writing - Construction Attorneys

As construction attorneys, we frequently encounter clients who perform residential construction work based upon a handshake...By failing to document the modification of contract terms in writing, a contractor exposes himself to liability. Read More
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