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Filing a Lien Against a New Jersey Public Construction Project

In New Jersey, a contractor or subcontractor cannot file a lien against a public entity under the Construction Lien Law. However, they can file a lien against counties, municipalities and other public entities under the Municipal Mechanics’ Lien La… Read More
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Is It Legal To Waive Municipal Mechanic’s Lien Rights in New Jersey?

While there is an explicit statutory prohibition in New Jersey on the waiver of lien rights on private projects, there is no such prohibition on the waiver of municipal mechanic’s lien rights on public jobs. Read More
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Interplay Between the Municipal Mechanic’s Lien Law and the New Jersey Trust Fund Act

A Municipal Mechanic’s Lien will not secure a lien claimant’s right to recovery from a municipality if the lien is filed after all earned project funds have been paid out and retainage or excess funds are needed to complete a project. Read More
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The Limited Protection of the New Jersey Municipal Mechanic's Lien

Under a Municipal Mechanic’s Lien, the contractor or supplier’s right to payment from the municipality is limited to the amount earned, but not paid to the prime contractor by the municipality Read More
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