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New Jersey’s Construction Lien Law Interpreted in Recent Appellate Division Opinion

The opinion in NRG REMA, LLC, et al. v. Creative Environmental Solutions Corp., addresses two important issues relating to the Construction Lien Law. Read More
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Criminal Appeals: Reversing a Conviction Due to Bad Jury Instructions

How a Criminal Appeals Lawyer Prefers to Challenge a Conviction In a recent post, we examined how the standard of review on an appeal from the granting of a summary judgment motion is relatively favorable. This is so despite the need to challenge fac… Read More
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Appealing From the Granting of Summary Judgment

The appeal of a summary judgment motion is one of the few circumstances in which a New Jersey appeals court will examine the facts of a case through its own fresh eyes, as opposed to the eyes of the trial level judge or jury. Read More
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Supreme Court Clarifies When a Decision is Final and May Be Appealed as of Right

The New Jersey Supreme Court issued an opinion clarifying the appropriate analysis to apply in determining whether a decision is ripe for appeal. The decision serves as useful guidance for appeals lawyers faced with ambiguous judgments or orders. Read More
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How to Stop Collection of a Judgment While You Appeal

The filing of an appeal from a civil judgment awarding money does not automatically stop or “stay” enforcement of the judgment. The appealing party must take action and obtain a stay pending appeal from the court. Read More
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Is My Case Ripe for Appeal?

Litigants in New Jersey have a right appeal to the Appellate Division from final orders, judgments or decisions within 45 days. An appeals attorney seeking to challenge the order must act quickly to address an order that is not obviously final. Read More
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